Why I Changed My Mind - Wexford Science Café

Wexford Science Café presents a video and discussion on how and why researchers have changed their mind on the strength of evidence or further analysis. In a series of short video statements, scientists, engineers and others explain how they have dealt with uncertainty, hypothesis and new evidence. Among them are former EPA director-general and Opera Festival chair Mary Kelly, meteorologist Gerald Fleming, immunologist Cliona O’Farrelly, racehorse geneticist Emmeline Hill, and Irish Times science journalist Kevin O’Sullivan.

STEM Careers in Wexford

Explore careers in Science as science communicator and space enthusiast Dr Niamh Shaw talks to scientists working in industry, and government agencies in County Wexford.

A must for TY and senior cycle students

The Science of Elite Sports Performance with Bruce Wardrop

Have you ever wondered how science helps your favourite athletes to optimise their performance? What is the ideal body composition for an All-Ireland winner? How “fit” does an elite cyclist need to be? Can we predict marathon performance from a test in the lab?

These questions and more will be answered in this exciting Science Week presentation delivered by the Bruce Wardrop lecturer in the Department of Sport & Exercise Science, Waterford Institute of Technology. 

The Bitter Truth with Judith & Susan Boyle

The Bitter Truth: Craft Beer, Gin, Aperol, coffee? Why do some people crave these bitter drinks yet others are repulsed? 

Join TU Dublin Beverage Lecturer and Beer sommelier Judith Boyle and independent drinks consultant and researcher Susan Boyle as they delve into the science of taste and examine why people choose the drink what they drink?

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

The session will introduce the public to the basics of  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how Human Intelligence is mimicked by a machine in a very simple way with the help of some real life examples. The session is hosted by Dr. Lizy Abrahan who is working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Walton Institute, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. Her work focuses on developing energy efficient AI algorithms.

Gerald Fleming: Climate Change & COP 26

We have heard a lot about COP in the past few weeks, but how does Climate Change translate into our day-to-day weather? Meteorologist Gerald Fleming will discuss this question and look at some of the ways in which Meteorological Services are preparing for the new challenges ahead. He will also take a look at some of the possible implications of Climate Change for the Southeast and for Wexford in particular.