- Adults

Climate Change: What is the problem and what can we do? – Adults

9th November

Climate Change & the Weather with Gerald Fleming – Adults

Wed 10th November

Saving Seals in Our Changing Oceans

Join us for a Marine Conservation Workshop with Seal Rescue Ireland. SRI is a charity that works to rescue, rehabilitate and release sick, injured and orphaned seal pups from across Ireland,...

7th November

Supermarket Science

Scientific Sue has gone shopping - Join her in her ‘Wacky Lab’ and find out how she combines goodies from each of the shopping zones...

Spans the week

Celebrating Women in STEM – Adults

Working with Network Ireland, (the professional association of Women in Business)...

8th November

Teacher CPD

The chemistry department from TCD will visit Johnstown Castle and work with primary school students to creativity explore the science of early battery technology....

4th November

Family Scavanger Hunt

Join the Science week team for a fun, collaborative and energetic scavenger hunt that will have you competing with other families....

13th November & 14th November

Stem Day at your local library

Experienced STEM facilitator Michelle Maher will lead a number of workshops for schools...

13th November

Adapting to Space- living sustainably on Mars to become a better citizen of Earth – Adults

Adapting to Space- living sustainably on Mars to become a better citizen of Earth...

10th November

Artificial Intelligence – Adult

The presentation will explain what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how Human Intelligence is mimicked by a machine in a very simple way with the help of some examples from our real life....

11th November

Brewing up a Storm – Adult

11th November

The Science of Happiness – Adults

Explore ‘The Science of Happiness’ with Dr Mark Rowe......

11th November

Giraffi Habitat Challenge – Family

This innovative workshop tasks budding young designers to try their hand at designing a new giraffe habitat....

13th November

Science in the Movies – Adults

This short and snappy talk will take a scientific and filmographic look at how chemists and chemistry have been portrayed in the movies....

13th November

Primary Teacher Workshop

Join international edutainer Steve Sherman, Chief Imagination Officer of livingmaths.comfor a science adventure...

8th November

All things great and small – Adult

The soil, waterways and hedgerows that are common place on Irish farms are home to a fantastic range of plant and animal life.....

9th November

The Bitter Truth – Adult

The Bitter Truth: Craft Beer, Gin, aperol, coffee? Why do some people crave these bitter drinks yet others are repulsed?...

9th November

Wexford Science Café, “Why I Changed My Mind”

Wexford Science Café presents a video and discussion on how and why researchers have changed their mind on the strength of evidence or further analysis....

9th November

JFK Arboretum Tour – Adults

Now in its 53th year, the John F Kennedy Arboretum is a located beneath Sliabh Coillte near the town of New Ross, Co Wexford....

9th Novemeber