Wexford Science Cafe

Event Type: Wexford Library

Date: 15 November

Time: 7:00 p.m.


Audience: General Public

Public discussion on the science, technology and politics of developing renewable energy resources in the county. This discussion will cover a wide range of issues arising in relation to the current and future wind power and solar power projects offshore and on-land in Wexford. These include issues of climate science, power-grid and turbine technologies, investment, planning, and community disruption and benefits.
This event will take place in the context of a deepening energy supply crisis and the recognised need to reduce sharply our dependence on imported fossil fuels. The further context is the current installation of major solar farms in the south of the county and plans for large-scale offshore wind farms off the eastern and southern coasts of the county. The sunny and windy south-east of Ireland offers valuable opportunities for renewable energy projects and we will discuss with various stakeholders the costs and benefits to the county of having them developed.

The discussion will be led by a panel representing a cross-section of these stakeholders, including speakers from a selection of the following: Environmental Protection Agency (on the climate science), Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (on the national policy framework for renewables), MAREI –UCC’s Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine (on energy futures), Wexford County Council (on planning and other local authority roles), wind energy and solar energy industry associations or companies (on the opportunities the south-east offers) and affected community interests.
This event will be part of the schedule of monthly meetings of Wexford Science Café and will be hosted, as these meetings are, by Wexford Town Library. It will form part of Wexford Science Café’s and Wexford Town Library’s contributions to Wexford Science Festival (Science Week Ireland).
No booking required