Wexford Science Café, “Why I Changed My Mind”

Event Type: Online

Guest: Wexford Libraries

Date: 9th November

Time: 7pm

Category: |

Audience: Adults

Why I changed my mind

Wexford Science Café presents a video and discussion on how and why researchers have changed their mind on the strength of evidence or further analysis. In a series of short video statements, scientists, engineers and others explain how they have dealt with uncertainty, hypothesis and new evidence. Among them are former EPA director-general and Opera Festival chair Mary Kelly, meteorologist Gerald Fleming, immunologist Cliona O’Farrelly, racehorse geneticist Emmeline Hill, and Irish Times science journalist Kevin O’Sullivan.

All of the testimonies are from people with Wexford or other south-east connections. Their statements cover a wide range of topics and they will be presented as a video package online. All are welcome to join the discussion about the experts’ statements and add their own observations on changing their minds.

The video will be premiered at a meeting (online) of Wexford Science Café on Tuesday, 9 November, during Wexford Science Festival. The meeting is open for anyone to join from 7pm on 9 November at https://meet.wexfordsciencecafe.ie/WexSciCafe9thNovemberMeeting

Moderator: Brian Trench, convenor of Wexford Science Café

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