Thaumatrope kits with community groups by invitation only

Event Type: Online

Guest: calmast

Date: Anytime

Time: -


Audience: 3rd - 6th Class

Through the workshop, each child will design and create their own thaumatrope. Thaumatropes were popular toys in the 19th century and one of the first form of animation. They are made of a disc with different images on the two sides. Rotating the disc very fast, the two images “combine” to make one. This happens thanks to the so-called persistence of vision. Nowadays animations use a similar effect to create a video out of a series of frames. The thaumatropes will be made using simple materials of paper and markers, crayons, pencils, scissors, and stick glue. The use of simple materials ensures that everyone can participate and no special equipment is required. Video tutorials will explain children the history and science behind thaumatropes and will guide them through the creative process from ideation to creation of their own thaumatrope. Participants are encouraged to be creative with their thaumatrope, showing their interests, their local environment, culture and heritage. The video will guided participants step by step, and the prerecord allows for pausing and rewinding of the workshop where needed.

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