Quiet Science Show

Event Type: Online

Guest: Caroline Ainsley

Date: 9th November

Time: 9.30 - 10.00, 11.00 - 11.30/40


Audience: Special Schools & ASD

A “zillion” bubbly questions answered! Biggest bubbles, how thin is a bubble, why do bubbles pop? How long do bubbles last for? How do I keep bubbles from popping? How do I make giant bubbles? Why do some bubble mixes make giant bubbles?
AND the big one: What is the recipe for making giant bubbles?Optional Equipment required to be able to interact: bubbles (normal little bottles of bubbles)
piece of A4 paper (to make a fan)
cotton packing string (from the corner shop – the thicker the better)
glycerine (from the chemist)
Fairy liquid
Mixing fork
mixing bowl (or bucket)
Optional Optional Extras:
rubber gloves (if desired)
Umbrella (Why? Tune in and find out!)
Guar Gum powder (available on Amazon)

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