Crustaceans. Wild about Wildlife with the Explorers Education Programme – Marine Institute Online

Event Type: Online

Date: 16 November

Time: 10:00 a.m.


Audience: Upper Primary

(Audience: 5th & 6th Class)


You can’t help but love the wildlife on the seashore, particularly after meeting some of incredible animals that belong to the crustacean family. They come in all shapes and sizes including decapods, amphipods and isopods! Join Padraic where he tells us about the super sand hoppers that are known as the scavengers. Noirin will brighten your day by telling us all about the pill bug isopod that’s also known as a roly-poly, acorn barnacles that are cemented to the rock on their heads. We will also join her in tracking down the loveable hermit crab that is always on the hunt for a new home. Anna will the also show us the coolest of all the crustacean family – the common shore crab!
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