9 Plus Podcast with Rob O’Conner

Event Type: Online

Date: 14 - 18 November

Time: 16:00 - 19:00


Audience: General Public

SEE Space Network – https://pod.fo/e/f0efd

Quantum communication! Cybersecurity! Controlling tractors from space! Rob spoke with Mark White (Head of Research SETU) and Niall Smith (Head of Research MTU) about the newly formed SEE (Society, Economy, Environment) Space Network, Ireland’s first space region as academics in Cork and Waterford join forces to forge links with the European Space Agency. Can Ireland have a positive impact on space research? These folks certainly think so! For more information visit spacenetwork.ie

How The Internet Works – https://pod.fo/e/f0f09

It’s hard to imagine life without the Internet. Podcasts wouldn’t exist without the infrastructure provided by a collection of interconnect technologies and networks. But how does it all work? Rob chats with networking lecturers Richard Frisby and Amanda Freeman-Gater to break it all down and explain the relevant protocols and standards that allow all internet services to operate.

Evan Matthews and The Exercise Effect – https://pod.fo/e/f7063

Dr. Evan Matthews has been involved in a pilot project – The Exercise Effect – studying the impact of physical exercise on patients suffering from severe mental health issues. Evan and Rob discussed the research informing the project, the findings from the initial study and how it might progress in the future. They also spoke about Evan’s background and how he unexpectedly found himself in an academic career despite not thinking of himself as “academic” at school.