Non-Newtonian Liquids – Tips and Tricks with StrongWomen Science

Event: Pre Recorded

Date: November 14th - 1:00pm


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In Non-Newtonian Liquids – Tips and Tricks – Aoife and Maria, from StrongWomen Science, get messy in the cause of science. Using a well-known liquid, custard, they demonstrate how Non-Newtonian fluids work. In an amazing trick, they juggle liquid, proving how astounding science can be once you know the basics. Then they show how you can juggle a liquid at home, too. But warning – it will make a mess!

Have a look at the specially designed resources to go along with this activity here

And you can now look on the Circus250 YouTube channel to find this activity and more tips and tricks here.

What do I need before engaging with this activity?

· I kg Custard powder

· Water

· Measuring jug

· Large plastic bowl

· Stirring spoon

· Apron so we don’t get messy!

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