Meet the Scientist- Jules Robinson

Event: Pre Recorded

Date: November 9th - 4pm

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Jules is a dedicated and hard-working member of the Seal Rescue Ireland team. She is from England, where she studied Marine Biology at the University of Southampton. Jules has gathered experience from a variety of wildlife rehabilitation settings worldwide. She spent 2018 at SANCCOB in South Africa hatching and raising African penguin chicks to bolster the endangered population. In the Maldives she nursed sick and injured sea turtles, assisted on a coral propagation programme, and taught tourists about protecting the marine environment. Jules moved to Seal Rescue Ireland in November 2019 as an Animal Care and Education Intern. She has quickly become an integral part of the team in the capacity of Animal Care, Education, and Sustainability.

Seal Rescue Ireland is the only seal rescue centre in the Republic of Ireland, who works to rehabilitate sick, orphaned and injured pups in order to release them back into the wild. SRI is active in educating the public on threats facing marine life and promoting ocean conservation and sustainability in order to protect our seas and all who inhabit them. SRI strives to forge a connection between the public and our marine mammal patients, to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues including climate change, ocean pollution and threats to biodiversity, to protect seals in the wild. SRI’s work is made possible almost entirely due to the dedication of volunteers and the generosity of public donations. To find out how to support the work of Seal Rescue Ireland visit their website here.

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