Meet the Scientist- Dr Dominika Krol

Event: Pre Recorded

Date: November 12th - 4pm


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Dominika graduated with a BSc in Environmental Science from Jagiellonian University in Poland in 2006, and received her MSc in 2008. She has a PhD from Trinity College Dublin. Dominika joined Teagasc in 2013 as a Research Technician, and has worked as a Research Officer in the Environment, Soils and Land Use Department at Johnstown Castle since 2017. Her research focuses on gaseous emissions from agriculture such as greenhouse gases and air pollutants like ammonia. Dominika is supervisor to a number of students and staff. She regularly teaches environmental science to visiting student groups from various universities and gives presentations to visiting farmer groups, and at stakeholder events and open days.

Teagasc – Johnstown Castle is Ireland’s leading research institute on soils and environment related research, and conducts both fundamental and applied research on a wide range of subjects, e.g. soil quality, nutrient efficiency, water quality, gaseous emissions, agro-ecology, and land use. Johnstown Castle has many different laboratories, greenhouses and field facilities to support research as well as 190 hectares of farmland

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