Fun Experiments with Vinny the Vulture!

Event: Pre Recorded

Date: November 14th - 12:30pm

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Do you love experiments? In this puppetry and science video, Vinny the Vulture will discover how you can easily tell which of the many liquids in your house is a base and which is an acid. And how to get a cool colour-changing effect when mixing them! What do you need for this? Smelly chemicals or mysterious potions? No, just red cabbage juice (ok, it is a bit smelly!). Join Vinny in this household experiment! Adult supervision advised and the activity is suitable for children aged 8 years and up.

In this video you will also be able to watch another experiment and discover more about how batteries work.

What do I need before engaging with this activity?

– Red Cabbage juice (either from jar of red cabbage or from fresh cabbage)

– Acidy household liquids like vinegar, lemon juice, lemonade

– Base liquids like liquid soap, washing up liquid

– Baking soda

– A jug for cabbage juice and glasses for the liquids


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