Niamh Shaw- Exploration of the Moon and then on to Mars

Event: Pre Recorded

Date: November 8th - 6pm

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NASA’s Chief Scientist Dr. James Green, an expert communicator of space activities, treats us to a talk about exploring the moon and Mars, what we have learned so far and how it impacts us as a species on Earth. A world-class communicator this is Dr. Green’s first time presenting an event as part of Science week Ireland. This is the first of three ‘Space in Society’ space-themed talks curated by Niamh Shaw exclusively for Wexford Science Festival.

Dr. James Green, physicist has been NASA’s Chief Scientist since 2018. Under his leadership at NASA’s Planetary Science Division, several missions were successfully completed or launched, including the New Horizons probe to Pluto, the MESSENGER probe to Mercury, the launch of Juno probe to Jupiter and the landing of the Mars Science Laboratory and Curiosity rover on Mars. Not only is he an award-winning scientist he is exceptionally talented at communicating dense science topics to the general public; he has spoken on the TED main stage in 2015, was a part of the NASA involvement with the film The Martian, does a regular podcast called Gravity Assist, and in 2017 had an asteroid named after him, 25913 Jamesgreen. For Wexford Science Festival Jim will be speaking about upcoming lunar missions and onwards to Mars. Presented by Dr. Niamh Shaw as part of ‘Space in Society’ series of international curated talks for Science Week Ireland 2020.


James Green Podcast ‘Gravity Assist’ here

Niamh Shaw Podcast ‘Humans of Space’ here


This event is no longer available to watch but you can find out more about Dr. Niamh Shaw on her website.

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