3D Printing Research & Applications- Innovations for humanitarian healthcare.

Event: Pre Recorded

Date: November 11th - 7pm


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Printing research is a broad field, with research into methodologies, materials, potential applications and products that can be manufactured. This talk will focus on two areas of 3D printing research, medical device design and ethics, and the reality of 3D printing organs for transplantation.

One spotlight example in this talk will be Med3DP; an initiative to develop on-demand medical devices for humanitarian healthcare using 3D printing technology. Med3DP currently hosts a wide range of projects complete with ready-to-print files, documentation and other helpful information. This initiative is in association with Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. Each year a talented group of students in the Master’s of Bioengineering program take initiative and brainstorm, prototype, and develop 3D printable medical devices.

Dr. Michael Monaghan is the Trinity Professor who heads the Med3DP initiative, in the Department of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Biomedical Engineering at TCD. He has over 15 years of experience in Biomedical Engineering, and in TCD he leads a team applying the use of electroconductive materials for heart repair, 3D printing of microscale structures, and medical device design.


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